8 New Talks: The Eternity Speaks lecture series

Leading the way in new media discussions, Max Eternity presents his line-up of lectures.  Titles include:

1.)  Electronic Apartheid:  Net Neutrality and Equal Broadband Access
2.)  Collecting Digital Art: Protocols for Editioning, Conservation and Provenance
3.)  Journalism’s Fluidity Factor: How the Writer’s Landscape has become Less Land and More Sea
4.)  From The Mind To The Medium: Resolving Curatorial Challenges in the Digital Age
5.)  The Bauhaus Effect: Modernism in the Southeast, from Black Mountain College to Georgia Tech
6.)  William Morgan: A Modernist Master and Pioneer of “Earth Architecture”
7.)  Africa’s Modernist Mark: How Europe Reached Back to Move Forward
8.)  Art 2.O: The New Gesamtkusntwerk

Each lecture to include approximately a 40 minute presentation, followed by a 15-20 minute Q & A.  Click here for contact info.

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