Marcel Breuer’s Downtown Atlanta Library

Max Eternity – Today I had a phone conversation with Barry Bergdoll, the Chief Curator of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I have had brief encounters with Bergdoll before, but today our talk was more focused and uninterrupted. Bergdoll, who’s also a professor at Columbia University, has been one of the more prolific figures to take an interest in the the preservation effort for Atlanta’s Downtown Central Library, designed by Marcel Breuer.

Last year, in a Metropolis Magazine article written by Jonathan Lerner, Bergdoll, Jon Buono, Isabelle Hyman and John Szabo, discussed the future of Central. I was interviewed as well, and so was Commissioner Rob Pitts, who is promoting the demolition idea.

In January of this year, Bergdoll gave a talk at the library entitled “Marcel Breuer: The Invention of Heavy Lightness” where, using the Central Library and the Whitney Museum–both built by Breuer in a 15-year sequence–he spoke about Breuer’s ability to create monumental spaces that seem to hover and float above ground–adjacent sidewalks and streets.  Continue reading.

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