Tropical Tuna Blueplate Special

Spring has arrived…at last.  And in recent weeks I’ve seen navel oranges, mangoes, strawberries and other veggies pratically bursting out the front door of all the local grocery stores.  Taking advantage of this–eating food that’s in season–my latest recipe is a Tropical Tuna Blueplate Special.  It’s quite simple actually.  Here’s all you do.  Make your tuna salad as you would normally, adding a few squeezes of navel orange juice to the mixture–approximately 2 teaspoons per can of tuna.  To this, mix in a tablespoon of finely diced mango.   Then serve with lettuce and tomato on your favorite [gluten-free] bread with a dill pickle and a side order of your favorite tropical fruit; making this blueplate special both free of fried food and super scrumptious to eat.  Find more great food ideas at Eternity Eats.