Hans Tammen on Art and Education in America (VIDEO)

“You can either only invest into your rich people, or you can see…who is your future…your children” says Hans Tammen.  It was a Sunday afternoon—in a conversation that took place at a bustling café near Downtown Brooklyn, New York—where Tammen had met to discuss technical arrangements for a recently published podcast with Dr. Cornel West that he assisted on, when a spontaneous discussion broke out in which Tammen expressed some of his thoughts and concerns about a lack of leadership on civic and cultural investment in America, including the arts.

Tammen conducts the Third Eye Orchestra

Founded in 1977, Tammen is the Deputy Director at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City—a non-profit organization created by artists for artists.  He’s also a musician, and the conductor of the Third Eye Orchestra.

Born in Europe—a  native of Germany, Tammen questioned why higher education in the U.S. is such an economic burden, saying “The first thing I don’t understand is…why it’s such a money making thing…that student loan debt is now topping credit card debt…that’s not right.”  And in providing further explanation as to why the American way is so illogical, he says “For me as a European, we had a tuition that was just a few dollars over an entire year…for my [entire] college education.”

Tammen discussed these topics and more in the following podcast:

[vsw id=”7bSUYrDt3MQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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