Pan Seared Sausage with Sweet Peppers and Basil

Eternity Eats presents a delicious, nutritious small-plate idea: Pan Seared Sausage with Sweet Peppers and Basil.  It’s a savory, tasty meat-free meal that’s low on fat and calories.  And yet–belive it or not–it’s completely vegan!  Click here for this oh-sosimple recipe.

Flora and Fauna get digital remix in Photo-Synthesis @ CCC Oakland (Video)

(On the Cover) Variegated striations of green come alive in Penny Olsen's "0028.9i (Fennel)" "Grasses" by Young Kim (Courtesy: CCCG Oakland)   This month in Downtown Oakland, California, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary Gallery (CCCG) presents Photo-Synthesis.  It’s an exhibition where flora and fauna get a digital remix, resulting in a variety of innovative and very interesting …