The Coup in Slow Motion

Marc Adler @ The Blood Crossroads – Many Americans know that our government is run by and for the rich. But few understand just how dramatically the game is rigged. Investigative reporter and specialist in tax and economic issues David Cay Johnston describes in his 2007 book, Free Lunch, How the Wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at Government Expense (and Stick you with the Bill), the extent to which the levers of power in this country have been utterly corrupted and manipulated by the super rich. Nothing goes untouched. Every industry has been subverted. Each branch of government transformed into a tool for the powerful to further enrich themselves and consolidate control. And nearly every celebrity millionaire and billionaire, such as Warren Buffet and George Steinbrenner, steals money from the nanny state all the while preaching the wonders of the free market.

Free Lunch offers a graphic description of how the great philosophers in political economy, primarily Adam Smith and Karl Marx, were right. They understood that the wealthy and powerful always conspire to enrich themselves at society’s expense. They do so by securing massive government subsidies, tax breaks, and using eminent domain to kick people out of their homes and steal public land, among others. And they will continue to succeed unless we resist.  Continue reading.

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