Mission Accomplished: How George Bush Lied Us Into War

In an article @ The Bloody Crossroads, Mark Adler writes about how many Americans are vaguely aware that George W. Bush lied us into a war.  Though, in citing facts from John Prados’  illuminating book, Hoodwinked, The Documents that Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War, Adler says there’s smoking gun evidence to expose an administration that knowingly lied in the build up to the Iraq war and occupation.

And while few in corporate media show appreciation of the full extent of the crime, it remains fact nevertheless that the Bush/Cheney administration–in tandem with the C.I.A.–brazenly manipulated the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, the mainstream media,  the American public, the Iraqi citizenry, and ultimately the world-at-large.   Read more.


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