“The Long Murderous Arm of the Law has Killed Troy Davis”

Tonight, President Obama chose to remain silent as death-row inmate, Troy Davis, was legally “lynched.”  Reports about the Davis trial has made headlines on corporate and independent papers and blogs for years, because of so many who believe Davis to be innocent, including President Jimmy Carter who says the killing of Davis proves the death penalty is “unjust and outdated.”

Cater went on to say, in a statement to The Associated Press, that it is his hope that “this tragedy will spur us as a nation toward the total rejection of capital punishment.”.  And immediately after the execution, Color Lines reported by saying:

Let us not mince words: The state of Georgia just murdered Troy Davis. The state coroner will list homicide as his cause of death. But he wasn’t the first and, sadly, he won’t be the last person slaughtered in the name of U.S. law and order. There are today dozens more people scheduled to be killed by states, according to Amnesty International. Their likely deaths represent the ultimate act of perversity in a system that destroys untold thousands of primarily black and brown lives every day.  Read more.

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