2012: Affirmations for the New Year

Affirmations for the New Year

by Max Eternity



It is a tradition at MaxEternity.com to offer an affirmation for each month of the year.  And in wishing you a beautiful life of celebration that happens the whole year round, the following 12 thoughts are offered as formative ideas for which to cultivate and grow long-lasting, positive change:

1.)  There Is Enough: Poverty is not an illusion, it is very real.  So is adequacy, abundance, satisfaction and fulfillment.

2.)  Everything I need Comes My Way With Ease: Rivers and oceans flow in spite of the living creatures, rocks and waves within them, our lives operate much in the same way.

3.)  In The Mirror I See A Beautiful Reflection of Me: Inner beauty does indeed flow from within.  Demonstrating that our outside world is often an accurate reflection of our inner world.  Beauty is a garden that requires cultivation.

4.)  We Create What We Believe: An action cannot be taken without a thought.  Who is the master of your mind?

5.)   I Trust My Voice: Wisdom resonates within and all around me.  I speak knowing that I am felt and heard.

6.)   I Deserve To Believe In Me: The best help is self-help.  The most important love is self-love.  The most powerful validation is self-approval.

7.)   Today Is A Day Of Joy: Joy, joy, joy…my heart is filled with joy!

8.)  I Celebrate This Moment: Our inner light shines bright even on the gloomy days.  Remember the sun is always shining on someone in the world, and that certainly cause for celebration!

9.)  I Am Right With The World: In this moment and every moment, all is as it should be.

10.)  I Choose To Be Well: Dis-ease is often a calling to harmonize and realign ones body mind and soul.  Wellness is a gift that requires cultivation and celebration.

11.) Change Is Safe: When the wind blows in a different direction, it’s no reason to panic.  The unfamiliar presents an opportunity to learn something new.

12.) I Open My Arms To The New: What happens tomorrow will be new, just as yesterday is already old.  We can accept this–releasing stress, as we breath and receive with ease.

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