K. Rashid Nuri: Thoughts on the Urban Farm

K. Rashid Nuri:  Thoughts on the Urban Farm

By Max Eternity

A recent trend in the world of food and farming is the urban garden, which are sometimes called micro-farms.  It’s a phenomenon that has risen up as a result of the demand for chemical-free, wholesome food in the inner-city landscape; densely populated areas which have been described as food deserts, because of a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Urban agriculture is a way of turning vacant or abandoned real estate lots into useful places for cultivating, processing and distributing food.  It also offers a wide-range of hands-on learning experiences for people of all ages–allowing communities to have a clearer grasp of what cooperation and sustainability means in action.

Founded by Rashid Nuri, Truly Living Well is a collective of small urban farms in Atlanta, Georgia.  And in the following video filmed by Russell Shaw, Nuri shares a few minutes of insight into his life’s work—speaking to the importance of urban farms.

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