Architecture as an Ethos of Beauty: The Cathedral Christ of the Light

Eternity @ | Commentary – Last night I took 30 photos of the stunning and exceptionally beautiful SOM designed Cathedral Christ of the Light–a truly remarkable building and plaza of historic proportions–located adjacent to Lake Merritt in lovely Downtown Oakland, California.

This site is world class…sturdy and utilitarian, while also being elegant and ethereal.  And in an age of fabricated scarcity and disaster capitalism, this structural complex of urban planning for the built and natural environment is a simple example of a well-executed, humanly-accessible, manifestation of beauty in the physical form, which can only arise from an ethos of beauty in the intellectual and metaphysical form.

As opposed to violence and feigned civility, an ethos of beauty is much more useful, long-lasting, soul-satisfying and joyful.  And when we talk about world peace, what we’re really talking about is cultivating a deeper, stronger ethos of beauty, bound to a heart of love.  For love and beauty are the Siamese twins joined at the heart.

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