Public Art ATL: Elevate Underground present “Harriet Rising”

Max Eternity @ | Podcast Interview – On display on Alabama Street above Underground Atlanta, is a public art installation by artists Lisa Tuttle and Alice Lovelace.  It’s a three-dimensional, multifaceted grouping of polyptych towers paying homage to one of the world’s most notable feminist and civil rights activists—Harriet Tubman.

The project is a part of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program (OCA/PAP) and was brought to fruition through a heroic collaboration with Underground Atlanta in a joint effort called Elevate / Art Above Underground.

First launched in August, 2011, OCA/PAP says that by funding artists and art collaborators via Elevant, they hope to create a series of simultaneous art projects and cultural events “that promises to transform central downtown Atlanta.”

Additional information about the Elevate project can be found here, and in a recent podcast, Tuttle spoke about her “Harriet Rising” collaboration with Lovelace.

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