SCAD @ Central: 5th Annual ‘Dot’ Exhibition

SCAD @ Central: 5th Annual ‘Dot’ Exhibition

By Max Eternity


A Marcel Breuer designed floating stairwell leads to the Lower Level “Pit”

In Downtown Atlanta, through June 28th, there’s group exhibition which showcases select work from degree seekers enrolled at the Atlanta campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  Located in direct proximity of the multi-faceted and culturally rich Woodruff Arts Center, which is home to the High Museum, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and others, SCAD is ideally suited in the heart of Atlanta, surrounded by Fortune 500 companies and a who’s who’s list of leading design agencies.

The venue for the exhibition is the Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library, designed by Marcel Breuer—an architect who received more than 300 major commissions in his 50 year architecture and design career.

Chera S. Baugh is the Art Gallery Coordinator for the lower level exhibition space called the “Pit”  It’s an intimate setting within the library,  whose nomenclature was designated by the architect.  Baugh, who received a masters degree in art history from Emory University, says “the mission of the gallery is to promote the development of artists while serving as an arts resource for local and international communities.”  To this, Baugh adds that “the current SCAD exhibition is an exemplary embodiment of this mission.”

Now in its 5th year, the show is entitled Beyond the Dot: The 5th Annual Exhibition Celebrating Excellence in Foundation Studies, and represented therein are 30 works of art, which were juried from 222 entries submitted by students.

Some of the Beyond the Dot’s most eye-catching pieces include:


Artist: Taner Ergin

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Title: Spiral Continuum

Medium: Black paper on bristol board

Curatorial Remarks:Taner completed this project, which explores balance and equivocal space (ambiguous positive/negative space), in the Foundation Studies class Design I: Elements and Organization. His professor was Brett Callero. This project received the award of Honorable Mention: 2-D Design.


Artist: Hasani Lockhart

Hometown, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Title: The Wild [detail]

Medium: Color paper

Curatorial Remarks:Hasani completed this project, which explores color relationships, in the Foundation Studies class Color: Theory and Application. His professor was Andy Gambrell. This project received the award of First Place: Color Theory.


Artist: Susan Becar-Guzman

Hometown, Atlanta, GA

Title: Untitled

Medium: Corrugated cardboard

Curatorial Remarks: Susan completed this project, which explores the principles of three-dimensional design, in the Foundation Studies class Design II: 3-D Form and Space. Her professor was Krista Grecco. This project received the award of Second Place: 3-D Design.

Brett Callero curated the show, and is Professor of Foundation Studies at SCAD.  In speaking about the nature of the exhibition, Callero says “Foundation studies are a coordinated sequence of courses for students who are seeking degrees in an art or design discipline…focusing on the development of visual language, critical thinking and technical skills that will aid student success in their chosen discipline.”  When asked about how the title of the show was conceived, Callero replied in an email stating “a dot is the single, most basic component of visual expression…[and] this exhibition exemplifies work created in the early stages of a student’s artistic career as skills are being developed to communicate ideas visually.”

Callero, who is an artist as well, moderates a blog at

All of the work shown has its own unique artistic angle, and what follows is podcast chat with Callero, recorded on the exhibit’s opening night.

[vsw id=”KikhWjp3Hyk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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    1. Brett, it’s my pleasure to have reviewed this newsworthy show, because these students are really going good work.

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