Landing Soon @ Hartsfield-Jackson: Moulder’s “Mammatus”

Moulder’s “Mammatus” lands at Hartsfield-Jackson

By Max Eternity

Soon to arrive at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is a monumental sculptural installation called “Mammatus.”  The artwork’s creator is Atlanta artist, Chris Moulder.

Known for his seductively hypnotic  mixed-media handcrafted structures built around radiating light emanations, Moulder says he is “enchanted by the short, magical time called dusk,” and that he makes “decisions to enter buildings based on the lighting.”

“Mammatus” is a continuation of Moulder’s hand-formed, light-filled protoplasms.  And the piece, which is fitted to hang from the ceiling of the new “Arrivals Hall,” is designed to float above the heads of airport visitors like luminous, brooding cloud formations.

Spacially mesmerizing and emulating  permutations of a rolling sequence of well-proportioned, breast-like clouds that gently move in a languid sag and sway, Moulder says it is his hope that the presence of the sculpture will uplift and inspire passers-by, while also bringing greater international appeal to his career.

It’s is a bold ambition, where in the US, federal and state budgets for arts funding is about as lively as the local morgue.  For instance, in Florida—Moulder’s birth place—the state now spends $0.14 on art and culture per resident.   That’s a 2010 estimate, and the State of California—believe it or not—spends even less.

Notwithstanding, Moulder has successfully managed to carve out a sustainable livelihood in the arts, in industrial design and visual art.

“Mammatus” was created after another installation was rejected by the deciding committee.  Made of woven and bent reeds of wood, the sculpture—seen in the video below—is no less stunning.


[vsw id=”lPHvvxDapyY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Moulder operates a large studio in Atlanta’s West End, and “Mammatus” images from a June 1st preview party follows below.

Mary Walsh handles public relations for Moulder, and says installation for “Mammatus” begins this coming Monday.  Additional information about the new piece and other aspects of Moulder’s career can be found at  All images, unless otherwise noted, come courtesy of Chris Moulder.


One Reply to “Landing Soon @ Hartsfield-Jackson: Moulder’s “Mammatus””

  1. Beautiful piece. Max Eternity always covers the most interesting things…the arts community is enriched by his inclusive eye and curious spirit…Can’t wait to see Moulder’s work at the airport…

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