A Summer Spent in Patio Perfection

A Summer Spent in Patio Perfection

By Max Eternity

Spring Park Patio 1 (graphic)


Now that summer’s in full swing, there’s no better way to enjoy it than to lounge outside in style.

For this project, a representative from the Eternity Group was first called out to assess the condition of a patio of a moderately upscale home.

Spring Park Patio (before)

The patio was concrete attached to a semi-cantilevered wood clapboard wall, painted in a subdued salmon color.  The concrete had in years prior been stained with a high-quality Benjamin Moore concrete stain.  However, because it had not been properly cared for through the last few years of extreme hot and cold, the stain was beyond repair and a new color treatment was recommended and applied.

Spring Park Patio 7

First choice for the homeowner was to re-stain in the same color, which resembled a terra cotta clay, but since Benjamin Moore no longer carried that particular stain ready-made, and the homeowner did not want to wait for a special order, we choose to match the stain as closely as possible, and went with a Benjamin Moore latex paint for [outdoor] patio.

Spring Park Patio 3

The homeowner has sophisticated tastes, and is world-travel.  Nevertheless there were financial limitations to the project, which had to be kept in check.  This required creative selection of new boutique purchases, combined with implementation of existing outdoor furniture with new and salvageable accessories.

Spring Park Patio 5

First, all furniture was removed from the patio and it was gone over several times with a pressure washer.  The patio was allowed to dry overnight and 2 coats of the new paint was [rolled on] applied the next day.

Color palette
Color Palette

The following day the drapery was installed, and an outdoor rug was laid in place.  Proceeding in this order allowed the Eternity Group’s chief designer to use his editorial eye to select proper placement for the remaining furniture and accessories.

Spring Park Patio 4

One of the main challenges was incorporating the old with the new, as well as accommodating a homeowner who sometimes had a tendency to go off on her own and purchase unnecessary and/or incompatible furnishings outside the scale, scope and color palette.  As well, additional patio drapery and wall treatments were advised, but rejected.  In spite of this, the project eventually found harmony and balance.

Spring Park Patio 6

This was a project that required a few weeks of consulting, research, and shopping, and a generous sprinkle of patience.

At the time of publication, cushions for the pair of chaise lounge chairs had not arrived, nor had the ground cover which was to surround the perimeter of the patio.  Yet at its completion, the homeowner was quite happy and the expense of the project did not break the bank.

Spring Park Patio 2

Contracting a designer for any home project is on par with finding a shop to maintain your car, or selecting a tailor or hairdresser.  While the client is the one who has to live with the results, it is usually in the best interest of a client to entrust their designer and follow their guidance.

Spring Park Patio 1

(All images courtesy of Max Eternity for the Eternity Group)

4 Replies to “A Summer Spent in Patio Perfection”

  1. Nice makeover. Key to it’s success is a good editorial eye with respect to color, arrangement and selection of accessories all coming together with simplicity and sophistication.

  2. Wow!! Fabulous… I love the color selections and the transformation is pure tranquility. What a place to spend the summer(:-) GREAT JOB!!

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