Harriet Rising by Tuttle and Lovelace

(Courtesy: Tuttle and Lovelace)

Eternity Group – In the United States it is more likely that one will hear of ground breaking art and culture projects taking place in New York City or Los Angeles.  There are, however, many other metropolitan areas with artist and writers ablaze on the art and culture trail.  And in the Southeast, with its rich history and social narrative on freedom fighting and civil rights, there are two women of note who have served as lightning rods of creativity for several decades now.

These women, Lisa Tuttle and Alice Lovelace, are widely known both for their solo work as artists, and for their tireless advocacy for the arts.  Tuttle and Lovelace are also know as great collaborators on public art projects.

For the Eternity Group, MaxEternity.com has interviewed both individuals. and for their most recent project, entitled “Harriet Rising,” a podcast was conducted on location in 2012 with Tuttle.  That article and video can be found here.

Alice Lovelace (L) Lisa Tuttle (R) at "Harriet Rising" (Courtesy: Tuttle and Lovelace)

Sharing some of their thoughts about the project, which honors present-day women who live their personal and professional lives in the spirit of Harriet Tubman, Tuttle and Lovelace write on their Facebook page:

In the United States, there are many women who embody the spirit of Harriett Tubman, working everyday to make life better for women (and therefore for entire families) and working for a better world. The lives of these women are not as transparent as Tubman’s. They should be.

In the follow-up to the “Harriet Rising” public art project, which is installed in Downtown Atlanta at Underground Atlanta, Tuttle and Lovelace have penned a book about their project, of which Americans for the Arts says is “(O)ne of the best public art projects in the country.”

Visit the “Harriet Rising” at Facebook, found here.

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