Featured Designer: Pawel Czyzewski

Brief bio: Pawel Czyzewski is a artist specializing in transportation and other industrial design.  He is based in Poland, and one of his more notable designs is the Invisium.  Eplore Pawel Czyzewski here.        

Featured Artist: Kimberly Brooks

Brief Bio: Kimberly Brooks is a visual artist specializing in oils on canvas and linen, with the contemporary female persona being her primary subject matter.  Brooks is also an art writer, and is credited with being the founding editor of the Arts Section at The Huffington Post.   Explore Kimberly Brooks here.

American Manhood: An identity defined by brain trauma and gun violence

Eternity @ Max Eternity.com - Violence in American culture is increasingly finding its way into the media spotlight.  With numerous mass shootings having happened--in Colorado, Connecticut and Arizona--within the last year, some members in congress are asking that gun control laws be tightened, which has prompted an expected backlash from gun rights advocates, including the …