In Italy, a Pedelec Bike for the Ages

Mike Welton @ Architect + Artisans – Leave it to the Italians to deliver something as elegant as this two-wheeled beauty.

A pair of them – engineer Bruno Greppi and designer Luca Scopel, both motorbike aficionados – designed it and call it Cykno.

They say it winks an eye at Greek mythology.  Cykno was a hero with the gift of invulnerability, but also a mortal transformed by Zeus into a swan.

“We think this will be a sort of old style furniture piece built with very technical and modern materials,” the designers say.

They’ve developed a timeless design inspired by early American motorcycles from the early 20th century, and then updated it with sustainability, performance and technology.

Cykno merges vintage design current technology, like a carbon fiber frame, aluminum billet parts, a brushless motor from Sweden, a racing brake system and LiPo battery technology.  Read more.

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