Mike Welton on Christina Warner’s Bauhaus Art Auction

Door handle assembly by Walter Gropius

Mike Welton @ Architects + Artisans – It started with Christina Warner’s love for a drawing – a 1923 Kandinsky work of India-ink-on-paper.

“It incorporates his radical themes about the minimalist use of lines and the different forms of color representing different emotions,” the curator at Artnet Auctions says.  “He incorporated both here.”

Before long, her passion had grown into a collection of 45 pieces – paintings, prints, objects and design – culled from collectors, consigners and galleries.

It’s all being auctioned online now, and billed as “Bauhaus in the Balance.”  Estimated values range from $1,500 to more than $200,000.

There are chairs by Le Corbusier and Breuer, a handle by Gropius, beaucoup works in color by Albers, as well as paintings, watercolors and photography by others from the legendary pre-war design institution.  Read more.

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