Resisting the War on Truth

Eternity @ – Truth took a backseat at the dawn of the 21st century.  George W. Bush stole his way into the White House with the assistance of the Supreme Court and acquiesce from the Senate, and from then on lawlessness become the norm at the highest level of government.

Bolstered by the success of his velvet coup d’état in 2000, Bush went on to alienate the US from the rest of the world—exploiting the horror of 9/11 attacks for political gain—using extremist rhetoric, fear mongering, and draconian human rights policies—for the next 8 years, during which time he financially bankrupted the nation while simultaneously becoming a ruthless, brazen, unapologetic war criminal.

To-this-day, Bush remains the most high-profile, unindicted multiple-felon on the loose, and in getting away with all his heinous misdeeds, Bush effectively paved the way for all future presidents to spy, kill and plunder at will, like President Obama whose ongoing executive actions now demonstrate as much.

Obama has done this by continuing and expanding upon Bush’s illegal wars and occupations, furthering egregious infringements on civil liberties, vicious attacks on truth-telling whistleblowers, and through his creation of more than a few covert, unilateral “drone” wars—extinguishing the lives of however many unknown civilians—all the while, Obama has endured no consequence for these criminal actions, which now, like Bush, he is successfully enrobing in democracy.

We don’t call our presidents dictators.  As American’s we think ourselves much too cultured and chic for that.  So gobble up Obama’s eloquent speeches if you will, but there’s no getting around the fact that for the last 5 years he too has committed war crimes, side-stepping international law however he prefers; essentially taking up Bush’s task of turning our democracy into a quasi-confederacy.

No amount of explaining can obscure the normalization of White House lawlessness—that started with Bush and continues to be advanced by Obama.  No matter how many lies are told to conceal the swelling Mount Everest of White House lawlessness, as Mahatma Gandhi said more than 50 years ago: Truth is by nature self-evident…as soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cornel West has just called Obama out as a war criminal, and as the White House scandals continue piling up, including with the IRS and the Associated press, attorney and social critic, Pascal Robert, aka Thought Merchant, tells why he’s confident President Obama will continue receiving Hail Mary passes for his foul behavior.  In an article entitled “Why Obama Will Walk Away Unscathed by the Current Political Scandals” Robert writes:

Obama is the most valuable and important tool the guardians of American Empire have to implement the bone crushing agenda that must continue to be leveled against Americans at home and the world abroad for the benefit of the elite.

From increased militarization of the continent through putting U.S. troops in over 35 African countries, to creating a new military doctrine that allows America to attack a country and completely overthrow its regime without any perceived threats to U.S. interests…to international war crimes through drone attacks on women and children in countries not in any military theater of engagement with the United States, to…having his administration publicly give Israel license to attack Iran, the Obama administration’s ability to carry out the most deadening foreign policy agenda since the beginning of Bush’s War on Terror marks a profound milestone in American history.

Being able to do all this while having a Nobel Peace Prize…simultaneously having black and brown folk fawning makes Obama’s utility as America’s “more effective evil” presidential choice unquestionable.

The surrealness of Robert’s assessment gives the impression that President Obama, metaphorically speaking, is quite simply a more aggressive George Bush painted up in blackface.

He’s hardly a minstrel, though.  Obama is nobody’s puppet and he’s nobody’s fool.  He is a willing servant of hegemony and [undeclared] American empire.

Obama is not an innocent bystander in the White House, like many supporters seem to believe—explaining away his every misdeed, like Melissa Harris Perry, and Al Sharpton who has vowed to “never criticize” the Obama Administration.

Neither a child, nor sacred cow, nor innocent victim in his own life, but as President of the United States Obama is an active participant in moral subversion and gross criminal misconduct, the least of which is his war on journalism, his lies about the IRS scandal, and his being an active accomplice to torture of human beings.

Yet all told how low must we go before real reform arrives—placing transparency and truth at the center of daily life—locally, nationally, and at the federal level?

At this juncture, honesty in the White House might seem all but impossible, even laughable to some.   And yet, it must come to pass.  For if history truly repeats itself, transparency and truth will surely be the victor over the deluge of White House deceptions.

Thinking of this can be very depressing, but there’s another side to this story.

20 years ago, the thought of same-sex marriage seemed nearly as absurd as claiming to have an alien as your best friend, and yet Spain, France, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, and 10 other countries have made same-sex marriage legal.  In the US, same-sex marriage is on the upswing too, with a rather unlikely Minnesota becoming the latest state to extend this right to all its citizens.  And if you really want to find inspiration in how strange truth is to fiction, give a big round of applause to Venezuela for enacting a new labor law, which gives recognition to non-salaried work traditionally done by women.  In other words, full-time mothers can now collect a pension for the [uncompensated] valuable work they contribute.

The concepts of hope and change have been thoroughly cheapened by President Obama, and before that Bush’s claim of “compassion” employed another word of inspiration in the most sick and twisted way.

Compassion, hope and change are timeless concepts that are universal, though, and have been around since the dawn of life on this planet.  Thus, it behooves us all to put our faith not in the intoxicating sound bites of White House obfuscation, and look instead to a higher authority: our own moral compass.

The normalization of White House lawlessness can and should end.  It’s past time to wake up and “take the first step in faith” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said.  “You don’t have to see the whole staircase,” King said, “just take the first step.”

For as has been the case in all great achievement, a belief in the possibility of that which one wishes true must come first.  Hence, if our democracy is to survive and thrive, and whether officially declared or not, the War on Truth cannot, must not, stand.

As citizens of the free world, we must abandon loyalty to a disloyal White House, and challenge ourselves to invest first and foremost in that which will return this nation to a much closer semblance of sanity: the unvarnished and unapologetic truth.


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