Book Project: From Bauhaus | To Black Mountain

Without the past there can be no present or pathway to the future, and with the knowledge that the telling of history determines who is most enfranchised in the everyday, there is at least one story about the history of art and education in the 20th century deserving a much closer and careful examination.  This is an epic story about the roots of modern art told in a new book I'm writing, entitled From Bauhaus | To Black Mountain.

Education, Beauty and Civility: Beyond the Absence of War

Around the world, we must fight for education, architecture and art. Because, being civil means being willing to do the work necessary to protect a vision of beauty—to enshrine local, national and global treasures—to stand up and defend the ability to express oneself creatively. These things make the life water of the soul.

Conversations: Ruth Erickson, Curator @ ICA Boston, Part Two

In the first part of my interview with curator Ruth Erickson, she talked about how the Leap Before You Look exhibition was designed to engage museum visitors. Now moving deeper in the dialog, Erickson talks more specifically about the different departments at Black Mountain College and how that influenced the exhibition