An Officer and Gentleman on Institutional Racism in America

What happens when the police oath to “Serve and Protect” citizens morphs into an authoritarian demand to “Obey or Die”? And in an age referred to as post-racial America, why are there so many stories illustrating how the lives of America’s most vulnerable youth, and its adults, are precariously put at risk—resulting too often with the poor and voiceless in this nation finding themselves treated as political fodder for well-paid talking heads, all the while a roll call of dead black bodies lie in America’s blood-soaked streets?

Algebra House by Max Eternity: Architecture as Art

As a visionary polymath and lifelong artist, I have never seen a major distinction between art inside of a house and a house created as a work of art. The "Algebra House" represents this, and in 2010 when I interviewed Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator of Architecture at the Museum of Moder Art (MoMA), one of the statements he made was that "Architecture concerns everybody. It's the art form that really influences the quality of our daily lives most directly. If our schools would take that on we'd have a much more engaged citizenry."

Saul Williams on Poetry, Art & Resistance

From Democracy Now!: Amy Goodman talks with "world-renowned spoken word artist Saul Williams discusses his career of mixing poetry, music and acting; reads some of his poetry; talks about how he became an activist; and describes the concept of his new album, "MartyrLoserKing.""

Mike Welton: Arts Annalist and Recorder of Fabulous Design

J. Michael Welton is a major recorder of all things interesting and worthy in the world of art and design, and very few hold the gravitas of Welton when it comes to modern and contemporary Architecture—including practices in sustainability—and basically, the last century of building-at-large.