"Beauty – Serenade" Yacht Design by Max Eternity


































2 Replies to “"Beauty – Serenade" Yacht Design by Max Eternity”

  1. Max — it was great meeting you the other day @ Starbucks on Twin Peaks. It’s very exciting to run into an artist who is just out and about creating artwork. Wow! As I mentioned, I went to Parsons School of Design to study urban design, architecture, interior design and product design. I ended up becoming a lighting designer (for architecture) because that was a huge specialty at the time. But the multidisciplinary program I went to at Parsons at the time gave me a lingering interest in just about anything having to do with the arts. I would love to stay in touch. You have a really amazing range of interests judging from what I saw on your website, which is beautiful. I haven’t had time to deal with my site this year but hopefully will get back to that soon.

  2. Max: A captivating design. I’m rather astonished. I’ve seen your cars, motorcycles, lots of furniture. Now boats! But, why not? It certainly has the feeling of speed by itself. I had to go back to look at your drawing to see if you put in wakes! It felt good to witness your continuing creativity.

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