From Smooth Talking Fraud to Extreme Bombastic Narcissist

Trump Obama Screenshot


From Smooth Talking Fraud to Extreme Bombastic Narcissist

By Max Eternity


No amount of charisma, charm or anger can change reality or fact.

So when you find yourself depending on Russia to get elected President of the United States, and in league with NAACP protests one of the very few African-American senators is calling your choice for attorney general a myopic racist, while your inauguration is boycotted by a long list of the celebrity A-list and simultaneously you’re losing a well-tweeted public fight with Meryl Streep, with that coming just days after a full-page ad has been taken out in the New York Times calling you a fascist before you actually take office, indicates nothing good for your presidency or the future of the people who will have to endure it.

This is where things stand with Donald Trump—the next man to reside in the White House—who seems poised to make President Richard Nixon seem like a cuddly Sesame Street character.

Even the most diehard republican cannot deny this, so let’s face facts.

For starters, there’s no getting around the fact that Donald Trump is an over-the-top narcissist with exreme bombastic tendencies and a moral compass as vile and toxic as a nuclear waste site.  It is truly a political nightmare in every sense of the word.  Even so, there’s also no getting around the fact that Barack Obama has been a charlatan and an absolute fraud—his presidency an irreparable failure—and his political party a sloppy hot mess with only itself to blame.

The only people Obama helped get rich were the ones who were already rich, and at the start of his tenure with so much wind in his sails he failed inexcusably to put money in the pockets of those who deserved and needed it most.

Black and White, young and old alike, with exception to the already financially fortunate, Obama essentially failed us all—domestically and abroad.

Of course, every politician has to be a good salesman.  Yet to what extent does that mean being consistently deceitful?

Over the last 30 years, presidential promises have gotten bigger and bolder—more contrived and more convoluted.  The acceptability of this indicates our broken political system beholden to zillionaires.  Even so, an individual’s salesmanship in direct relation to actual deliveries does serve as litmus for authenticity.

Time after time Obama promised milk and honey, and instead he delivered to the people a steady stream of beautifully wrapped turd sandwiches.  In all the history of landslide-winning presidencies, has a direct and simple mandate for economic change ever been squandered so needlessly?

In 2008 Obama was the golden child and the world was his to reshape.  Who can deny Obama’s charisma, his infectious smile and delightful persona, especially in the early years?  But it does not change the fact that beyond the disgusting bomb-dropping expansion of the Bush administration’s foreign policy which saw the formation of Islamic Caliphate, Obama failed to achieve the one thing that would have made him a hero and a saint to nearly all Americans.

Good jobs—jobs with benefits—jobs that actually pay all the bills, with vacation time, and provide for some savings.  That’s what should have happened, but didn’t.

Now 8 year later, with the nation still in dire straits for good jobs, Obama wraps up his anti-climactic victory lap while a deluge of media reports and sycophant pundits are declaring low employment and job creation.   Of course they can’t be serious, because with the slightest scratch beneath the surface one discovers that all those jobs, which are assumed to mean real money in the pockets of everyday Americans, are overwhelmingly part-time jobs with no benefits.  Americans are bringing home less money and dealing with more debt, even though there are, at least technically-speaking, more jobs, all of which comes courtesy of Obama’s contribution to “the rise of the gig economy, sharing economy, on-demand economy, 1099 economy, freelancer economy or whatever you prefer to call it.”

With the creation of an economically-strong working and middle class, the safety net across the nation would have restored some sanity and confidence in the collective ability to work together toward inclusive solutions.   But over 90% of all jobs created during the Obama administration were “alternative work arrangements,” which is to say they were , part-time, contract or temporary, which is to really say: they were jobs that people took because they had no choice.  In other words: these new jobs suck really bad.

The 2016 election season should have been about celebrating the growth of the middle class, and the eradication of deep poverty.  In fits and convulsions, the nation instead finds itself in extreme desperation clinging to the hope that a self-aggrandizing Hitler wannabe named Trump will Make America Great Again. 

It’s anyone’s guess what that means, but for sure Trump has made it clear that his version of the truth is the only one truly worth believing.  And it’s not just that he’s to be identified as taking the moral high road, according to Trump he is the moral high road.

Disavow Trump, and suffer the wrath.  And with so much power at his fingertips, the world will bear witness to exactly how Trump’s wrath evolves.







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