After the Fight: Sgt. Gregory Floyd on Surviving a Veteran’s Life (Part 2)

Greg and Anita
Sgt. Gregory and Anita Floyd

In the second half of my interview with Sgt. Gregory Floyd, we continue our discussion about veteran life.

During his time in service as a Marine, Sgt. Floyd became the first African-American to achieve Helicopter Air Crewman of the Year while in the Marine Corps.  Sgt. Floyd was also awarded an Air Medal for flying combat missions in Beirut Lebanon.  And as well, during the 1980’s Sgt. Floyd was the Crew Chief for Marine One—the US presidential helicopter—for 4 years, flying President Reagan around the world.

Sgt. Floyd has been in public service for all of his adult life, including time served as a paramedic and fireman. Sgt. Floyd is also a retired police officer who served in that capacity over 15 years, with a career record that shows tremendous professionalism—in fact, he never once shot or killed anyone in the line of duty.

Sgt. Floyd says he understands why so many veterans find themselves unemployed, homeless and destitute to the point of committing suicide, which he says can be attributed to the lack of consistent support veterans received and the negative stigmas often associated with people with disabilities, which many veterans endure: