Highline House – a container home design by Eternity

The modular (and mobile) home concept has been around for about a century, and in its evolution, and expansion, shipping containers are now also being used as modular (and mobile) housing. Seen in the images above and below is one of my designs, called the Highline House.

Since containers are delivered to site by flatbed truck and a crane is required to remove them in one piece, most of my container home designs are elevated to take advantage of the on-site crane. In addition to convenience, there are many practical reasons for this. One of the reasons is that building on raised posts and piers cost less than a full slab foundation. As well, it’s more difficult for pests to get inside a home that’s raised off the ground. Elevated homes work well in (tidal zones) coastal areas and/or regions that experience frequent flooding, and elevating a home also creates shaded outdoor living and covered parking beneath. Elevating a home means less digging and other radical environmental landscape alterations, and using much less concrete, thus conserving materials. Naturally found and locally sourced sand, gravel, rocks, clay tiles and compacted dirt, can be used instead of asphalt and concrete slabs for driveways and walkways.

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