Eternity @ Oceanco Summer Showcase (yacht) Magazine

Owl Eye Pool Table.285
Owl Eye Pool Table by Max Eternity

Earlier this summer I sent my portfolio to one of the regional sales managers of Oceanco, a world-class, custom, superyacht builder based in The Netherlands. The portfolio included images of my Owl Eye Pool Table, and shortly thereafter I was contacted by Jill Bobrow, a yachting aficionado with extensive publishing credentials on the subject, who informed me that my work would likely be included in Oceanco’s Summer Showcase Magazine.

All summer long I waited to find out if I would be included in the magazine, and wondered what it would look like. And at last, just yesterday, the magazine arrived.


Oceanco specializes in yachts in the 80–140 meter length range, and the company’s most recent yacht, named “Jubilee,” is 110 meters (361 feet) and is absolutely stunning, like everything else Oceanco produces.

As one might imagine, the world of custom superyachts is quite rarefied, so for me this is indeed something special.

The magazine is made exclusively for Oceanco’s clientele and what follows are snapshots of the Oceanco Summer Showcase Magazine, where on page 26 there is a brief article about my work, including a picture of my Owl Eye pool table design.