CC 3000 Chicken Coop by Eternity

According to Fortune Magazine and other respected publishers, dog and cat owners spend approximately $1500 per year on each pet.  Of course, not all animals cost as much to care for, and some cost more.

All pets return the favor by giving back with their companionship, love and affection, and some give back by helping humans care for themselves in very tangible ways.  A horse, for instance, can provide transportation, and a cow provides milk and butter.

In addition to companionship, love and affection, a pet chicken can provide lots of entertainment.  Anyone who has owned chickens knows this to be true – they are so much fun to watch!

CC 3000 (chicken coop).1386

Chickens also provide eggs, which have a very long shelf life and can be cooked in unlimited ways.  As such, perhaps the time has come to show the chickens of the world how special they are by giving them a most memorable place to live.

Heeding the call for designer chicken architecture, the CC 3000 Chicken Coop design has arrived!