Holiday Delight in Atlanta

While in Atlanta for the holidays visiting family and friends, someone asked if I would decorate and stage their front lawn for Christmas. I’ve always loved holiday lights, so I said yes. The outcome included a lighted set of 4 life-sized deer, including 2 gift-filled sleighs. And since the yard was quite large, to transition from lawn to house I added matching lights to the hedges along the entire front of the house.


One of the challenges of outdoor staging with multiple sets of lights is organizing all the wiring to available outlets without blocking walkways and driveways, or creating other electrical hazards through poor planning.

All of the pieces had to be assembled and in total the project took 2 full days, which were well worth it. The homeowner and I were both pleased with the final result, as were the many neighbors who stopped to look and take pictures.

More images can be seen below, and here you find an article and images of a design project featuring an outdoor lounge and dining space I did for this same house a few years ago, called “A Summer Spent in Patio Perfection.”


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