Happy Holidays from Eternity (2019)

Winter holidays can be a time of great joy and celebration.  They can also be a time of that reminds one of hardship and sadness, or even a mixture of happiness and misfortune.  Whatever the case, the holidays can always be a time of love – of loving yourself and expressing love toward the planet, toward other people and to our animal friends.

From her website, melodybeattie.com, author and wise woman Melody Beattie writes today that:

“Sometimes, the holidays are filled with the joy we associate with that time of year. The season flows. Magic is in the air. 

Sometimes, the holidays can be difficult and lonely.”

I find that to be quite true, because I have all sorts of holiday memories.  Some are good and some are bad, but all have meaning and purpose.  And experiences can be embraced with love, no matter how complex and confusing.

A friend of mine in Seattle, actor-singer-songwriter Bob De Dea, who has been in many plays and written many songs, has a song that I love, which I think really speaks to the power of love.  The song, says De Dea, tells the story of “finding common ground with those we love.”  It’s entitled “Jenny’s Song” and an Mp3 and lyrics follow.

Jenny’s Song

by Bob De Dea

Even though we care, it’s hard to say, “I love you.” Even though we share, we don’t speak heart to heart. We’re a lot alike, yet we’re worlds apart,
each one wanting just the chance to be who we are.

Even when we try to let you know we need you, And even when we cry and let emotions flow,
Sometimes we hold back what we really need to tell you
and sometimes it’s not easy to let our feelings show.

There’s a place called give and take where we have to learn to live,
with the space to fail and make the best of what we have.

We all have room to grow, we all have time to spare,
And if you take my hand, we’ll try again to make it there. We can make it there.
We can make it there. We can make it there.

Even though there’s hurt and even though there’s sorrow, I think we all believe there’s still hope for tomorrow.
What can we say but what we feel, and what we feel is love.

Please let us embrace you. Together we can face the future. Open up your heart,
We can make a brand new start in love. Open up your heart,
We can make a brand new start in love.

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