Eternity invited to 2021 Venice Biennale Architettura

The European Cultural Centre has invited me to exhibit some of my architectural drawings and models in their TIME SPACE EXISTENCE exhibition on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy at the Palazzo Bembo for 6 months during Biennale Architettura 2021 –  La Biennale di Venezia, from May 22 through November 21, 2021.  

This is an invitational, and I have no idea who nominated me.  As a self-taught artist and writer, with no degree in architecture and no license to practice, I am not only honored by the invitation, but quite frankly, I’m totally stunned.  Largely because, of all the licensed architects in the US about 2% are African American, which I suspect is because the barriers of entry for a life in professional architecture is quite high.

This event will be an epic undertaking for me.  Aside from all the design and fabrication work involved, it will require tens of thousands of dollars in funding, and I was given 6 months to prepare.  Nevertheless, I embrace the opportunity and the challenge.

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