Living off-grid in rural Georgia

When I was a child I spent many summers on my grandmother’s farm in rural Alabama. It was a raw hard life for her, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. It was also a beautiful and delicious life, drinking crystal clear well water and living off the land with raw, organic food as far as the eye could see. Everything she cooked was done on a wood burning stove, in a small, handmade wooden house. Well, I don’t know if I would ever achieve that, but a few months ago I did leave the big city to live on a farm own by a friend. it’s rough and rugged life that I share with my dog and pet chickens, living off-grid in an old RV trailer with no running water, surrounded by the sounds of nature. It’s a quite, more simple life, and it’s changing the way I see myself and the world. I’m keeping a photo journal, and a video can be found here.

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