About Max Eternity

“Max Eternity [creates] geometric abstractions of optically seductive, circles, arcs and angles”
– Debra Wolf, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Your sculpture and furniture designs are gorgeous—look as though they will take off at any minute.”
– Kimberly Brooks, Artist and Founding Arts Editor, The Huffington Post
“To own a piece from … Max Eternity, is to have treasure in the present that will only increase in value in the future”
– Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco (1996-2004)
“Max always covers the most interesting things…the arts community is enriched by his inclusive eye and curious spirit”
– Lisa Tuttle, Executive Director, Fulton County (Atlanta) Arts Commission
“I can see why you so identify with Marcel Breuer, you were both artists from birth and essentially self-taught”
– Isabelle Hyman, Author and Professor Emerita at NYU
“Max Eternity is an outstanding arts writer, critic, and administrator…very knowledgeable in this field.”
– Christiane Paul, Curator of New Media, Whitney Museum of American Art
“As we continue to try to raise our voices…thank God you all [at Truthout] are a forum for that”
– Dr. Cornel West,  Author and Professor at Harvard University
“Max’s geometric paintings are reminiscent of Gerald Murphy’s precisionist, pre-Pop works”
– Mike Welton, Architects + Artisans, Editor and Publisher
“Always nice to hear from you and of your new [fascinating] projects”
– Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator of Architecture, MoMA
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