Conversations: Ruth Erickson, Curator @ ICA Boston, Part Three

Earlier this year I conduced a feature podcast with Ruth Ericson, a curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) about the epic Black Mountain College (BMC) exhibition she worked on under the direction of Helen Molesworth, who spearheaded the touring exhibition and presentation. In Part Three of our conversation Ericson and I first talk about pottery at BMC, and about Ruth Asawa’s prolific body of work created while at BMC. In conclusion, we talked about the African-Americans involved with BMC, including Jacob Lawrence.


The Abelson Guthrie House: San Francisco's Modern Monolith

There’s no shortage of unique and interesting homes in San Francisco, but at least one street in the city has more than its fair share, and it’s called Laidley Street. Built by Ross Levy Architects, the Abelson Gunthrie House truly represents modernist residential design on a grand scale. (Editor's Note: This article was originally written and published for in December 2013)

Algebra House by Max Eternity: Architecture as Art

As a visionary polymath and lifelong artist, I have never seen a major distinction between art inside of a house and a house created as a work of art. The "Algebra House" represents this, and in 2010 when I interviewed Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator of Architecture at the Museum of Moder Art (MoMA), one of the statements he made was that "Architecture concerns everybody. It's the art form that really influences the quality of our daily lives most directly. If our schools would take that on we'd have a much more engaged citizenry."