Lounge Decor with Octagon Lamp

"Lounge Decor" chaise lounge and "Octagon Lamp" are original artistic designs by Max Eternity. Conceptually, the idea for these works is an elegant repose for the human form held solid and with ease - a bold and enduring sophistication for the modern age.


The Abelson Guthrie House: San Francisco's Modern Monolith

There’s no shortage of unique and interesting homes in San Francisco, but at least one street in the city has more than its fair share, and it’s called Laidley Street. Built by Ross Levy Architects, the Abelson Gunthrie House truly represents modernist residential design on a grand scale. (Editor's Note: This article was originally written and published for MaxEternity.com in December 2013)

Asheville Art Museum exhibits BMC Artwork and Epic Installations

A popular resurgence of interest in Black Mountain College (BMC) continues to grow nationally. There are numerous exhibitions happening this year recalling the school’s rich historical past while holding high its living legacy, with a show entitled Geometric Vistas: Landscapes by Artists of Black Mountain College opening on August 6th at the Asheville Art Museum in North Carolina. On display at the museum, as well, is a trio of striking installations by Hoss Haley, Sharon Louden and Sol LeWitt.