In Times of National Catastrophe Look To Art and Psychology

It’s a mistake to assume that the result of every election is the same—that in a democracy real emotional and psychological terror cannot become an everyday reality directly associated with Presidential power. And while empirical evidence proves that politically-induced emotional and psychological trauma requiring medical treatment is real, a national catastrophe does not have to result in never-ending trauma and grief for those adversely affected.

Tom Alexander on John Dewey, Democracy and Education (Part Three)

In the next installment of my interview with Tom Alexander, we continue our discussion about the life and legacy of moralist and education reformer, John Dewey. Alexander is the author of John Dewey’s Theory of Art, Experience and Nature: The Horizons of Feeling, and topics of the interview include democracy in education, social justice and life in the age of "the post-truth society."

Convergence | Divergence | Emergence: A New Conversation on Bauhaus + BMC

There are so many things to be learned about Black Mountain College (BMC)—about how the school came into being in 1933 and what went on for the 24 years of its existence, as well as studying the institution’s unrivalled broad appeal to artists and intellectuals of that era, within the Americas, including African-Americans and Asian-Americans, and all the contributors of Europe.

Conversations: Ruth Erickson, Curator @ ICA Boston, Part Three

Earlier this year I conduced a feature podcast with Ruth Ericson, a curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) about the epic Black Mountain College (BMC) exhibition she worked on under the direction of Helen Molesworth, who spearheaded the touring exhibition and presentation. In Part Three of our conversation Ericson and I first talk about pottery at BMC, and about Ruth Asawa’s prolific body of work created while at BMC. In conclusion, we talked about the African-Americans involved with BMC, including Jacob Lawrence.

Mike Welton: Arts Annalist and Recorder of Fabulous Design

J. Michael Welton is a major recorder of all things interesting and worthy in the world of art and design, and very few hold the gravitas of Welton when it comes to modern and contemporary Architecture—including practices in sustainability—and basically, the last century of building-at-large.