Mirror Houses by Eternity

Symmetry as contrast and polarity. Each house is exactly the same, while at the same time, each house is interesting and unique. There's nothing lazy going on here. This is the idea behind the "Mirror Houses."


Convergence | Divergence | Emergence: A New Conversation on Bauhaus + BMC

There are so many things to be learned about Black Mountain College (BMC)—about how the school came into being in 1933 and what went on for the 24 years of its existence, as well as studying the institution’s unrivalled broad appeal to artists and intellectuals of that era, within the Americas, including African-Americans and Asian-Americans, and all the contributors of Europe.

"Modus House" by Eternity

The Modus House is a statuesque design that's simultaneously sleek, bold and understated. With a parti based on simple geometric lines, it's a unified concept of creative physicality that should function well as a purposeful building or as an architecture-inspired interdisciplinary work of art.

"New Oasis House" by Eternity

I have never known a time in my life when I wasn't an artist. My first writing was published (a poem) when I was 17, and I made a clay sculpture that was exhibited when I was 16. I was around 12 or 13 when I started designing cars and boats, and I think I was in the 4th or 5th grade when I drew a [scaled] design of a building. I taught my first art class at the Boys Club when I was around 15. However, in the entire 12 years of my public education I did not have one single African-American male teacher of any subject.

Lounge Decor with Octagon Lamp

"Lounge Decor" chaise lounge and "Octagon Lamp" are original artistic designs by Max Eternity. Conceptually, the idea for these works is an elegant repose for the human form held solid and with ease - a bold and enduring sophistication for the modern age.