Whiteness and the Bombing of Black Wall Street

The response to Black power has usually been White terror, although it’s not the history that’s commonly told. Yet it must, nevertheless, be understood that race as we know it today exists as a social control construct to both justify and conceal the true nature of the entire reshaping of America, and indeed the world—primarily its wealth.

Einstein’s Rebel Heart: The Genius Who Spoke Truth to Power

Prior to his arrival to the US, Einstein was already making clear his stance against anti-Black discrimination, in part by writing a letter of support on behalf of 9 Black teenagers, known as the “Scottsboro Boys,” and once in the US, Einstein became allies with many prominent African Americans, like Marian Anderson and W.E.B DuBois. When Einstein saw injustice he would come to the aid and defense of African-Americans, again and again.

From Smooth Talking Fraud to Extreme Bombastic Narcissist

There’s no getting around the fact that Donald Trump is an over-the-top narcissist with extreme bombastic tendencies and a moral compass as vile and toxic as a nuclear waste site. It is truly a political nightmare in every sense of the word. Even so, there’s also no getting around the fact that Barack Obama has been a charlatan and an absolute fraud—his presidency an irreparable failure—and his political party a sloppy hot mess with only itself to blame.

Einstein Was A Radical Socialist Who Called Capitalism ‘Evil’

He was a renowned Jewish philosopher, and an early member of the NAACP. He was also an art and nature lover, who advocated a global shift toward vegetarianism. However, Albert Einstein is known primarily as the 20th century’s greatest physicist, although he was a radical socialist who called capitalism evil.