“Astral” by Eternity

"Astral" is part of a series of platform bed modules, representing my unique vision of a single piece of furniture ( a formulated module) that fulfills all (or almost all) the furniture needs of a studio apartment, large bedroom or hotel suite.


After the Fight: Sgt. Gregory Floyd on Surviving a Veteran’s Life (Part 1)

  Hero is the word often used to describe individuals fighting wars on behalf of others, but what happens after the fight—after all the personal sacrifice? Of course, not everyone survives combat missions, and for those who do manage to make it back home, it’s often just a matter of time before their lives are …

Private Ambition with Lofty and Duet by Eternity

As I continue expanding my furniture designs for large interior and outdoor spaces, I'm able to blend sculpture and utility with more fluidity, as can be seen in the attached image which shows the "Lofty" Chairs with Duet Tables and the newly designed Private Ambition room divider and corridor creator with attached platform seating...many components, …