Momentum House

I designed the Momentum House with the idea of creating a super-compact and efficient living space that would be more than a box to cram stuff in.  The Momentum House has lots of windows, and its retractable hatchback adds volume and light to the space.  The sleek tapered structure is 9 ft wide by 9 …


City Chair

For this design, I was thinking of how to create a sleek stackable chair that would be lightweight and strong, with a striking design.  I also wanted the chair to be made from a single piece of material, which could be bent, folded or molded with relative ease.  

Memories and Monuments: Destruction as a Path to Progress

  Memories and Monuments: Destruction as a Path to Progress By Max Eternity   Is the past ever really the past?   The history of humanity is filled with conflict and torment mixed with episodes of heroic struggle and bittersweet victories that resonate still today.  Books and buildings can represent cultural shifts that champion historic milestones, …