Reinventing Classical Dance: Street ballet and The Swan

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Arianna Huffington Owes Me Money: An Open Letter

Arianna Huffington Owes Me Money An Open Letter By Max Eternity To Whom It Concerns: At a time when so many Americans are suffering from economic duress, others are faring quite well. I've never been one to envy the wellness of others--good health, good looks, or financial wealth.  And yet, when I know for a …

Chavigny’s Family Ties @ Mercury 20

"Not Knowing" (Photo: Margaret Chaviny and Mercury 20) *** Currently exhibiting at Mercury 20—a collective gallery in Oakland made up of twenty “elemental” artists—Margaret Chavigny presents a show called Family Ties.  Employing zygomorphic shapes in mixed-media--layered formations upon one another--the large paintings hanging in the space have a warm, earthy, organic feel to them, while …