Happy New Year: 12 Affirmations

We create what we believe is an affirmation--a thought--I find useful for many reasons.  Though before I touch on that, I'd like to say what a growing, learning year 2010 has been.  I am grateful for all this year has brought and taught my way.  For as with joy and laughter, pain, suffering and healing …


Black Red & Green Salad

Perfect for the holidays is Eternity's Black Red & Green salad--a delicious mix of baby field greens, whole leaf Hawian Basil, julienne red onions, fresh raspberries and blackberries.   Find more scrumptious treats @ Eternity Eats!

Posing Beauty: Author Deborah Willis on Black Beauty

Whether expressed in the archives of the Schomburg Center in Harlem, New York, or the African-American Research Library in Atlanta, Georgia, interest in the history of the black experience in America is resurgent. Seeking to understand themselves beyond the narrative du jour of slavery and Jim Crow, some contemporary scholars and archivists are revising black …