K. Rashid Nuri: Thoughts on the Urban Farm

K. Rashid Nuri:  Thoughts on the Urban Farm By Max Eternity A recent trend in the world of food and farming is the urban garden, which are sometimes called micro-farms.  It's a phenomenon that has risen up as a result of the demand for chemical-free, wholesome food in the inner-city landscape; densely populated areas which …


Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream @ MoMA

Max Eternity, MaxEternity.com | News & Events - From New York's Museum of Modern Art comes a seminal exhibition and presentation, which speaks broadly and more deeply to the ways that insightful architecture and urban planning can be employed profoundly, for long-lasting and positive change.  A press release issued on February 2nd reads in part: …

Afrocentric + Homo-negative = Black Hate

Max Eternity for MaxEternity.com | Podcast Editorial: Is being black a lifestyle choice or part of the essence of who a person is?  And what about a person’s gender and sexuality—are those choices?  What about inherent talent and intelligence—is that a choice? [vsw id="mI5PNOcpfCE" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]